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Erika Ensign

Podcast Producer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Erika is podcast-happy. She won a Hugo Award for her work on Uncanny Magazine's monthly fiction/interview podcast and several Parsec Awards for Verity!, one of the world's foremost Doctor Who podcasts. She co-hosts Lazy Doctor Who and The Audio Guide to Babylon 5, is a frequent panelist on The Incomparable, and plays Dungeons and Dragons on Total Party Kill (available in both video and audio formats).

She and her podcaster-spouse Steven Schapansky put their many years of experience to work and formed Castria. Together they provide first-rate podcast assistance, production, communications, and media solutions of all sorts. Learn more at wearecastria.com.

Erika's nonfiction essays about genre properties and podcasting appear in a variety of books and magazines. She's active on Twitter @HollyGoDarkly and blogs about Doctor Who, media, mental health, and more at hollygodarkly.com.

She may have started a new podcast since you started reading this bio.

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